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Q: Do you prefer your book, Grabbing Life by the Balls: The Winning Formula to be read with light heartedness or somber thoughfulness?

A: I wrote the book wanting people to read it consistently, day by day if needed. Whether the reader is facing a life altering crisis or not, my goal is to engage the reader. I assess my major goals each year. I want the reader to assess their goal thought process as well.

Q: Is writing a hobby or a potential, additional career for you?

A: I wrote the book in a spur of the moment, knowing that I wanted to write my thoughts on my overall experiences with goal setting as the primary focus. I asked myself, how do good writers, write? I did research, I learned how to self-publish and my goal is to write a series that breaks down the 5 points of my book.

Q: Are you reaching a level of financial and social media success that is hindering your common sense judgement as outlined in your book?

A: I use Twitter to promote my book. I continue to build success on routine and whatever task I am involved in I focus on. My words I continue to abide by.

Q: Who are the people that you are contending for?

A: I contend for my family, to be the best version of myself

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