Kidney Contenders exclusive interview with Thomas Ardavany, Filmmaker and Founder of the Ardavany Approach to Acting & PTSD Therapy

Q : Explain the social issues that are important to kids and their parents, are these solely adult themed issues?
A: Through simply asking these aspiring kids, writers/directors what their fears are and what they feel good about, I began to understand how important what's going on in their world is to them. The innate intelligence that they posses is sobering and I am left with the confidence that these kids will do the right thing by their earth and communities concerning injustice in general.
The parents have more conventional fears and I'm supposing it's because of the years of being programmed by fear based media, but the kids have fresh perspectives and common sense ideas on how to solve what later generations are making so complex, so to me their outlooks are refreshing and their concerns and experiences can be heart wrenching.
So to answer your question, adult themed questions are no longer adult themed questions, due to the information age we are currently living in. I find that the kids are extremely aware and informed as to what's going on around them so it only makes sense to see, feel and hear what they have to say directly to some of the more complex issues of the day. I have found their insights to be a call to action.

Q : What is the drive behind "Kid's Take?"
A: What greater way for kids to express themselves then through film, by becoming a writer/director with the ability to Act. Striving to express themselves in their own words and actions, reminding us of exactly what we should always remember, they rule. They rule for the simple reason that time is always on their side, and what they think and feel now will certainly create everyone's future later. 

Practically speaking, giving them a platform and the skills to communicate to humanity on what they know in their heart to be true, is the drive behind this program and this film "KIDS TAKE, The World As We Know It.".

Q : In addition to the funding of the film, what other support is needed to help promote this film?
A:  In addition to funding, we will need support in PR, SMN (Social Media Network) circulation and identify locations to distribute and/or show the film. 

Q : Who are these kids and their parents contending for?
A: This dictionary meaning of "contending" has a common denominator, "striving:" 
1) To strive in opposition against difficulties; struggle.
2) To strive in competition, as in a race.
3) To strive in controversy or debate.
What are the kids striving for? To be heard, to be seen and to be loved as naturally as they love. 

Thomas Ardavany
Kid's Take...The World As We Know It! 
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