"Lyrical Infusion"

Q & A with singer/songwriter/producer/engineer, Hayden Timm

In his exclusive interview with Kidney Contenders, Hayden Timm expresses his views on inner strength and the world before us through lyrical infusion from a darker reality. 

I      N         T       E          R        V          I        E         W


Q     :What genres of music do you find solace with?

 A          : I try to enjoy as many styles as possible, rather than limit my self to one genre. I think about music like traveling; a song is like a person, a band is like a city and a genre is like a country. You travel, meet new people, see new things and have new experiences. Otherwise, you risk becoming very narrow minded and closed to new ideas and experiences. With that said, I lean towards Alternative, Pop, Rock, Old School Rap, Folk, and Indie.

Q     :  Are many of your song creations the result of solo travels or are they the result of influences from people you have met during your travels?

A          : Yes, lots of my songs have to do with the places I have traveled. It's hard not to be inspired by new places and people while traveling. lots of my songs have to do with how all the people I have met traveling share one thing in common. We are all struggling because someone has a monopoly on the creation of money out of thin air and the rest of us have to slave away to acquire it. 

Q     :How are some of your musical influences part of your creative growth?

A          : Music is like any other language, for example, you and I learned how to speak English from hearing our parents and the people around us speak. Eventually we start to formulate our own thoughts and ideas based on those around us. Music taught me to expand and branch out like a tree. I started out a Guitar player and eventually started singing. After I injured my fretting hand I had to learn how to play guitar left handed to give my hand a break. At that time I started learning Harmonica, Ukulele, Cajon, Piano, Drums, Charango,Bass, Music Production/Logic, Cello etc. I would have to credit my music students with some of the best lessons I have learned from music. If it were not for them I may have only ever been a guitar player and a vocalist.

Q     : Who do you find yourself contending for?

A          : I find my self contending for everyone through music. I want to help people grow and understand there is more to life than chasing paper and owning things. The most important things in life are things you can not buy. I find it very sad when people work at a job they hate trading their limited amount of time on this planet to accumulate zeros and ones in a bank account. The sad thing is most of these people look at musicians like they are lazy entitled bums who produce nothing in life. Meanwhile even a bad musician works 10x more than they ever will for a lot less money. As a musician I don't quit after I put in an 8hr day 5 days a week. I am doing something musical 24/7. It's a way of life.

Visit Hayden Timm at haydentimm.com 

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