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Q & A with artist, Eddie Rifkind

In his exclusive interview with Kidney Contenders, Eddie Rifkind provides insight into our hearts and minds through his artistry.

I      N         T       E          R       V          I       E         W


Q     :Many of your pieces are titled Muse, do you have particular muses that provide continual creativity/inspiration to these  Muse pieces?


A        : Yes, I do have muses, but these muses are more than just a series of individuals that personally inspire me. There is a symbiotic relationship between these amazing souls and the artists that work with them. I find that in creative communities (such as the one I have been part of for the last six years in San Francisco), are populated with people that want to be muses, that want to be seen, to be in art, in photographs, onstage or on screen. To qualify that, there is a series called Masked Muse, which use a specific model and mask from a photo shoot we did. Masked Muse ​is an ongoing series and more additions to it will happen this and next year. 

Q     : You are active on social media, so do your social media platforms address societal issues that can impact your artistic creativity?

A          : Absolutely. Many other artists in the online town squares like on Facebook and Twitter also advocate for societal issues. Among our numbers are some of the most marginalized people in human society. Outsiders find a home among each other. The leaders within our community advocate for change and speaking truth about civil and human rights. 

Q     :Where will the name Eddie Rifkind be featured 5 years from now?

A        : In the credits of many awesome visuals, whether they be music videos ( an announcement coming soon), galleries, or private collections...not to mention my original and very strange music, which continues to evolve every year as another side of my art. 

Q     : Who are the people you are contending for through your art?

A          : I'm contending for all the introspective dreamers in this cynical modern world, as well as those that wake up every day and contend with their own depression. I can say I choose this, but really I'm just expressing the universal connections that already tie us all together. I want my art to help heal some spirits out there. 

​​Eddie Rifkind